Posted by Rona Boyer
 Dr. Albert Ogle of St. Peters in Lithgow spoke to Millbrook Rotary Millbrook@Home
 Dr. Albert Ogle re: Millbrook@Home
The four church leaders of Millbrook have defined caring for our seniors as one of the greatest challenges facing our community and that the fact that the population is aging (the over 65 group will rise from 15% to 30% in the coming decades).  The current retiring baby boomers do not want to live in nursing homes; people want to stay in their homes as long as possible.
Inspired by recent meetings with Rhinebeck@Home, and understanding the success they have achieved in the five years they have been in existence, Millbrook is preparing to join the 'Village to Village" Movement currently in force in over 200 villages across the country.  Millbrook@home will be a local network of seniors helping other seniors by:
-  conducting needs assessments
-  mobile seniors offering rides to non-drivers
-  volunteers accompanying others to medical appointments
-  helping each other face end of life issues
-  sharing Atul Gawande's book  "Being Mortal" which confronts the realities of ageing and dying
-  relieving care givers or free time
-  sharing information about available resources
-  educating younger people about their futures
-  giving new meaning to retirement for those who are actively involved in the network
-  Advisory: The group will also be available to discuss with different community entities on what is need from them to better serve this population: mobility, building accessibility, making homes safer, creating goods and services our businesses can market to this segment, etc.
Next Steps:
Each of the four churches have donated $1000 to the cause and are forming a 501C3 to accept tax exempt donations and grants. A Board of Directors is being formed.